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Kate Thompson

Children's Author

Kate Thompson - Headshot

My name is Kate Thompson and I'm an author, but not just any kind of author... I am a children's author, which is (shhh - don't tell grownups' authors) the absolutely BEST sort of author to be!

If you like stories with bogies and burps and stupendous superheroes battling silly villains, you've come to the right place, because my picture book, Superheroes Don't Get Scared...Or Do They?  has oodles of these! AND it's been illustrated by the amazingly talented Clare Elsom.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of more awesome books that have been written just for you, but while you're waiting you can check out Superheroes Don't Get Scared... Or Do They? and try out some of the fun stuff I've created to go along with it!   

 But how did I get here?

I spent most of my childhood reading, having lots of bookish adventures. I started writing and illustrating picture books when I was about 5 years old - I bet that's the same age as some of you!

Look - here I am in Year 1 practising the skills I'd need to become an author! 

Childhood Kate Writing Childhood Kate Painting

I decided then and there that when I grew up I was going to be a children’s author (while doing some detective work on the side).

However, as I grew up I got a bit distracted (that happens sometimes) and I ended up becoming a lawyer. I was good at this job, and it did involve lots of reading and writing, and sometimes a bit of detective work, but it never felt quite right for me.

But then something BRILLIANT happened...

I was lucky enough to become a mum to two lovely boys and from my very first bedtime story session, I fell back into love with picture books and storytelling! 

It wasn't easy to become a published author (nothing that's really worth having ever is). It took a lot of hard work, persistence and resilience (you get a lot of rejections in this job), but eventually one story made it into the world! 

I now live by the sea with my sons, three stick insects, two guinea pigs and a visiting garden hedgehog, and spend my days having bookish adventures of my own making. And who knows, maybe one day I'll find a mystery that needs solving too!