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Kate Thompson

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Make Your Own Super Teddy!

Make Your Own Super Teddies

Have you spotted Maisie's Super Cat in Clare Elsom's wonderful illustrations in Superheroes Don't Get Scared...Or Do They? 

Well, here's your chance to turn your teddies into your very own Super Teddies!

You Will Need

  • One or more super soft toys
  • A felt tip pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some colourful fabric - this can be felt, or old clothes that your grownups say it's okay to cut up and use. ALWAYS ask a grownup first!
  • (Optional) Some string or wool and anything else you'd like to use!
  • A grownup helper

What To Do

  1. Choose a piece of fabric for your toy's cape. It needs to be big enough to flap behind it and to tie around it's neck (but don't worry if it can't quite tie up - that's where some string/wool can be used!). 
  2. Ask a grownup to help you cut the cape into shape. It can have straight edges, or wobbly or zig-zaggy edges, or really any shape you like! 
  3. Decorate your cape using felt tip pens or stickers. 
  4. Tie the cape around your toy's neck. If it won't quite reach, ask your grownup to make two small holes near each edge of the top of the cape and then use a piece of string/wool to tie the ends together and around the toy's head. 
  5. Choose a piece of fabric for your toy's mask. It needs to be long enough to go all the way around your toy's head and tie up at the back (unless you want to use string/wool to make it longer like we did for the cape). 
  6. Ask your grownup to help you cut the fabric so it is about the same width as the area from your toy's nose to the top of its head, and then tie the mask on. Please tell your toy not to worry - we will be making some eye holes soon! 
  7. Once the mask is tied in place, carefully feel for where your toys eyes are underneath the mask, then use a felt-tip pen to carefully draw on the fabric around where the eye holes need to be cut. 
  8. You can also use your felt-tip pen to carefully draw the shape you want the mask to have. Just be SUPER careful not to draw on your toy! 
  9. Take off the mask and ask your grownup to help you cut out the mask shape. Your grownup might need to cut the eye holes themselves as this can be a bit tricky! 
  10. Tie on the mask - Ta Da! You have a super toy! 
  11. You don't have to stop there though - you could make superhero wrist bands or belts, or anything you can imagine for your Super Toy!