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Kate Thompson

Children's Author

Make Your Own Super Easter Bunny Hat

A photo of the finished Super Easter Bunny Hat

The Easter Bunny must have super powers to be able to deliver all those eggs!

So why not make your very own Super Easter Bunny Hat with a built-in super mask to wear this Easter?

Maybe it will even give you super egg hunting skills?!

You Will Need:

  • A4 Paper or card
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • A glue stick
  • Felt-tip pens/pencils and any other super decorations
  • A grownup helper

What To Do:

  1. Fold one piece of A4 paper in half lengthways and cut along the fold, so you are left with two long pieces of paper.
  2. Attach the two pieces of paper together end-to-end using sticky tape. Glue down any overlapping paper on the other side. This will make a long strip of paper.
  3. Ask your grownup to help you wrap the paper around your head and mark where to stick them together to make that hat fit your head. Use sticky tape inside the hat, and then use glue to stick down any overlapping paper on the outside.
  4. Check that the hat still fits your head now that it's been stuck together!
  5. Take another piece of paper or card and draw a bunny ear, about the size of your hand. 
  6. Carefully cut out the bunny ear (ask your grownup if you need help).
  7. Draw around the cut-out bunny ear to make a second ear, and then cut this one out too (with help if you need it.)
  8. Attach your ears to the inside of the back of your hat, so that the ears stick up above your head. You can use sticky tape or glue (but you will need to wait for the glue to dry). 
  9. Take another piece of A4 paper and fold it in half lengthways. This works better if you use the same colour of paper that you used to make your hat. 
  10. Time to draw your super mask! Open up the paper and on the bottom half, start by drawing two circles for eye holes - these need to be in the right position for your eyes. Your grownup can help by holding the paper in front of your face with the middle fold line at the level your hat will sit at. They can carefully use a felt-tip pen to put a dot on the bottom half of the paper to show where each of your eyes are. 
  11. Once you have your eye holes drawn on, you can draw your super mask around them. Be as creative as you like! 
  12. The mask needs to remain attached to the top blank half of the paper, so only cut out the bottom and sides of the mask, NOT the top. Once you get to the top of the side of the mask, cut a straight line up and through the top blank half of the paper. Repeat on the other side. This will leave you with the bottom half of the mask attached to a blank rectangle of paper above it. 
  13. Carefully cut out the eye holes - your grownup may need to help you with this as it can be tricky!
  14. Decorate your mask on BOTH sides. 
  15. Put glue on the back of the blank half of the paper and attach it to the front of the hat. Your mask should be hanging down below the front of the hat in the right position to be over your eyes. If not, your grownup might need to help you glue it in the right place on the hat. 
  16. Your mask can be folded up and stored on the front of your Super Easter Bunny Hat when you're not wearing it, and then folded down over your eyes when you need to be in Super Mode!
  17. You can leave the rest of the hat plain or decorate it as much as you like.
  18. Enjoy! And happy Super Egg Hunting!